Can people find you from their computer or on the go?

People are now connecting to your business and to the web from Game Consoles, Smart TVs, and even Mobile Phones or Tablets. People are watching video everywhere, much to our surprise and maybe yours.

With ever faster speeds possible via mobile networks and more devices able to access your home or business wifi. Access is now everywhere.

Can your business say the same?

It isn’t forward to thinking that you actually need a strategy to reach people where they are in order to make an impression bold enough to follow up on your services. What has changed is the ubiquity of it all. At what point are you hopelessly left behind and scrambling to keep up or alternately trying every approach there is without a clear strategy & definable goals? To make something happen you have to be both measured & responsive. Like your website strategy you have to be fluid and adaptive.

This can be especially overwhelming for small-to-micro businesses. It can be exhaustive financially and physically. Setting up, and conforming yet another new social media platform, tying it into your already expanding social universe of satellite constellations, then managing and feeding it content is a fool’s errand.

One too many businesses & microbrands are taking. Each piece has to fit into the jigsaw puzzle of your scheme. Carefully meditating on where that fits in the overall picture, strategy, and formula is key. As is building as you go. Okay you know this is foundational because it is an “edge” piece, has a flat edge and goes around the outside. Now what?

We’ve been thinking about this for ourselves and others for years now. Now is not the time to flip the table over in frustration or to stare at the pieces so long your eyes cross. Let us help you get there, to a place where even if the puzzle is not complete you can see the progression and hope that one day the total picture will fit into your microbrand’s view.

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