Topic of the Day: Bullhorn or 2-way Radio?

Which do you use?

Listen To Your Potential Clients Tweet

How do you use #SocialMedia to communicate to your customers?

How do you use #SocialMedia to communicate to your customers? (embedded tweet below)

Are you barking at your customers or are you in a conversation with them? Create a compelling story, based on narrative, and avoid the corporate speak or tech & industry jargon. It is that simple, but also just that hard. This is something those who tend to try & convert people in this industry rarely follow. It is “SEO, SMB, Onboarding, CRM, yadda, yadda, yadda… “ to the uninitiated or those seeking advice this inspires a feeling that these concepts are proof that the person using it knows what they are talking about. However, as Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

How to speak simply about something that is complex? Employing metaphors, allusions, starting with the idea that you understand who your customer or client is. What are their questions and concerns? Then illustrate how you can make that easier or better. Making them the hero or winner of this story in the end.

The goal isn’t for you to get rich, that is a byproduct of having a happy customer, one that you understand and deliver on your promise to. Are you designing an experience around that? Your website isn’t a brochure full of pretty pictures and pithy text, it is a living and organic thing brought to life by the people who use it, and the conversations or referrals it brings to you and your business. It establishes, or should, your authority on the subject and answer their questions, and

When they are critical, or resistant, or even merely petulant and angry, this gives you a chance to learn what it is about your product they are seeking, and how to hone your marketing message to manage their expectations. “While our product won’t _X_, it can help you _Y_.” So you’re product doesn’t cure the common cold, but it can make their lives healthier & happier. If they are experiencing problems with your product or service then that is the time to understand what is actually going on & set to remedy it.

The four most important words in the English Language: “What do you think?” Listen to your people and learn. —JW Bill Marriott

This goes for employees and customer alike. So to walk that walk, tell us in the comments below, what you think.

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