New Facebook Research Shows People Care About Their Phones – A Lot

In one of the more unusual, yet interesting, research projects from Facebook, analysts from The Social Network have investigated how people deal with losing their mobile phones, through the filter of the Facebook experience. They’ve released their findings on the Facebook IQ blog, highlighting the number and frequency of conversations that happen on the platform regarding lost phones.

lost phone facebook convo

From the blog post:

“Many of us consider our mobile phone to be our lifeline to the world. Home to essential apps, appointments, messages, music, names, numbers and notes, our mobile devices connect us to the people and things that matter most to us.

At some point, many of us will be faced with the challenge of losing our phone. But that moment of misfortune also has the potential to be wonderful—a chance for people to remember that they are cared for, that help is always close at hand and that life can be surprising and delightful.

As part of our “Moments That Matter” series, we set out with the simple task of exploring how people talk on Facebook about losing their phones. What we unearthed was a story about the importance of friends’ support—and a larger opportunity for brands to participate in and enhance similar moments.”

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