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Would you download an app that is solely designed to track and report everything you watch?

OK, how about if it also paid you $11 per month?That’s the offer that a new app released on Tuesday is making. Created by data collection startup Symphony Advanced Media, VideoPulse tracks any and all video consumption of its users through a Shazam-like passive listening program that hears what you’re watching and tracks it.

A new app will pay you $11 a month to let it track every video you watch

Short Read (2 min): A new app will pay you $11 a month to let it track every video you watch | Mashable


Why Advertising Doesn’t Work on the Web

[Today’s History Lesson from 1997. Yep Godfather of Usability Jacob Nielsen knew (everything old is new again)]

The Web is a cognitive medium; the user owns the navigation and won’t wait for emotional brand messages. Product sites and classifieds have value; most ads get puny click-through and few customers

Because of the drastic differences in popularity between sites, only the top 0.01% of websites can generate sufficient revenues from advertising: in the larger picture, advertising is almost irrelevant for the success of the Web. Right now, Web advertising is attracting much media attention for two reasons:

  • Advertising is currently the only way for sites to generate a direct revenue stream (except for sites that support direct sales). This situation will change once we get micropayments (pay-per-view at the page level) as well as alternative revenue models like the link commissions paid by for people directed to their site by other sites.
  • Many old-media types only understand the mass-media business models typified by television. Maybe we can forgive advertising agencies who don’t know any better, but an old-media perspective is also characteristic of many so-called “new-media analysts” who take an incredibly non-strategic view of the Web and analyze it purely in terms of “eyeballs” and a television metaphor (even though the telephone is a much better metaphor for the Web and its one-on-one and networking potential).

Medium-Read (4 min):  Why Advertising Doesn’t Work on the Web | Nielsen Norman Group

An exclusive investigation into the bots that will cost companies over $6 billion this year

Increasingly, digital ad viewers aren’t human. A study done last year in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers embedded billions of digital ads with code designed to determine who or what was seeing them. Eleven percent of display ads and almost a quarter of video ads were “viewed” by software, not people. According to the ANA study, which was conducted by the security firm White Ops and is titled The Bot Baseline: Fraud In Digital Advertising, fake traffic will cost advertisers $6.3 billion this year.

Long-Read (17 min): The Fake Traffic Schemes That Are Rotting the Internet – Bloomberg Business