Yes, but don’t you think that…..?


+Commentary: This is a highly informative infographic with much wisdom highlighted, it is like an Emily Post Social [Media] Etiquette Guide for commenting that does not go far enough to address all situations. It is a basic how-to, and a starting point. The follow up on the blog page (click the image above to read) as it gives you three solid reasons why negative comments can be good for your business.

What you must be very careful of is knowing when a troll, is just trolling to get your gall. That with experience you can encounter even the worst types of people. Several articles recently have highlighted the coordinated attacks against writers, journalists, and others. If it is a public page, then others will also be carefully observing your responses, or may chime-in to what they think is aiding you or to pile on to what seems to be a moment of weakness.

Even some of the phrasing above can seem passive-aggressive, and a committed troll will find a way to twist that. “Gotcha” would not work in New York City, it would seem flip, and given the circumstances for all the above, which is not unlike any service job — don’t be fooled because it is virtual, the unseen masses will read your response, just like customers in front of you can and will be heard getting loud inside your store. It may be posted to the commenters wall, and in the age of screencaptures you can’t even write it, delete it and hope it is gone. Even blocking them, they may have already done the damage, captured your moment of weakness & moved on to their next target. Plus their followers & yours didn’t block them so the interaction will be visible.

The evolution of commenting has gotten to the point that you must take several steps before hand, understand when crisis management is needed or used, employ social listening services, and cover all your bases beforehand. As we always say if you aren’t hearing what others are saying about you, in the comments, the tweets about your product or service, what they share on Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest. Then you are no longer leading the conversation, but letting your competitor craft the narrative.

When calamity strikes too, you best believe those are the things your tolls will find with ease. Go ahead, dox yourself, see what you are working with. In today’s climate you have to be prepared for the power of negative-word of mouth as you are for the good kind.

Mark Twain once said that a lie will fly around the whole world while the truth is getting its boots on; and the statement is hard to contradict successfully. {source}

Or was it Winston Churchill; maybe Jonathan Swift? The truth is always more complicated than we realize. It seems that even this maxim about the truth and lies, is somehow obscured between competing origin stories. Like a true superhero/villain dichotomy writ large.

Social listening & reputation management are two very key components to any social media strategy. They are often overlooked but just ask Amy’s Baking Company, or Target, Doritos, and even the anti-gay Pizza Parlor. Within minutes they saw an online swarm overwhelm them, and in each case would do wise to have a guiding hand to help them navigate the choppy waters that is social media commenting.

A lot is at stake, you prepare in case your business faces lawsuits, fire & flood, theft, it is time you showed that same attention to your online properties too. Contact us today for a free guide on dealing with the internet bullies, and the three things you absolutely need to do today to be in the best position to come out on top. ⊗