“Moments” on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify: The making of a Silicon Valley buzzword.

Facebook, Spotify, Google, and Twitter have all seized on the same buzzword. Here’s why.

Moments Animation by Lisa Larson-Walker

Animation by Lisa Larson-Walker

“When I think about what Instagram is,” Systrom mused, “I think about moments.” We humans, he went on, “are forever on a quest to take a moment and record it forever in time. Because however long life is, or however short life is, we know we may never get that moment back.” The value of Instagram, then, is “to take meaningful moments, everyday moments, that would otherwise be forgotten in the world, and capture them forever.”

This was not an isolated bout of verbal perseveration. The word moments featured only slightly less prominently in another Systrom press event six months later, this time announcing a new direct-messaging feature. And when Instagram reached 300 million users in December 2014, Systrom celebrated with a blog post headlined, “300 Million: Sharing Real Moments.”

Meaningful moments. Everyday moments. Real moments. Capturing and sharing moments. We get it, dude: Instagram is about moments.

Read the entire post from June at the link below: [7 min read]

Source: “Moments” on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify: The making of a Silicon Valley buzzword.