Twitter’s Moment(s)

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

I try to save the most over-used of clichés for special moments, and that’s exactly what this week feels like for Twitter. You may disagree, of course — Wall Street does, having driven the stock down yesterday to just a dollar above its IPO price (and 38% down from its first day close) — but that’s why the cliché works: things may seem dark, but I’m optimistic that the horizon has just the slightest glimmer of light.

Long time readers know that while I love and value the product, I’m no Twitter fanboy. The company’s user retention issues were apparent well before the IPO, and the company had a clear product problem that, ultimately and correctly, cost CEO Dick Costolo his job.


The demise of newspapers is the most obvious example of Aggregation Theory and what happens when distribution becomes free. You go from a situation where geographic bundles are the only way to reach consumers to one where consumers can access any story from any publication — it’s those that control discovery that have all the power

Source: Twitter’s Moment | Stratechery by Ben Thompson

+Note: One of the most thoughtful (and hopeful) pieces written on the history of Twitter & an outline for its future. Read the whole thing. I’m hoping Jack Dorsey & the good people at Twitter do, and implement or work on the problems that are so clearly delineated within. When they’ve done those, we can work on some other UX/UI issues we personally have with them, their desktop experience, their app, and even their ad platform.