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Google’s ad penalties are more significant than Apple’s Ad-Blocker

“Highly unlikely” would probably be how you’d have responded a year ago to someone telling you two of the largest tech companies in the world — Apple and Google — would both try to fix mobile advertising by blocking ads, but that’s currently the case.

For instance, much has been made of a new feature allowing iPhone and iPad owners to block advertisements in Safari when iOS 9 debuts –with the rationale that it will enhance web browsing. But Google’s recent decision to start penalizing websites featuring app install ads –intrusive ad units that slow page load times and engulf the entire screen — might be a more significant way to improve the browsing experience.

Source: Google’s ad penalties are more significant than Apple’s ad blocker | Gigaom

+Note: Good read if you do any sort of display advertising!



  1. arthurv01 · October 12, 2015

    It’s actually good for the users but bad for advertisers 😉


    • GLEAMsocial · October 13, 2015

      You are absolutely correct! That is what scares them, they have to either work harder & become better after years of racing to the bottom. This frightens them. Yet I’m quite sure that the internet will roll on & things will get better. Until they decide to ruin it with different types of “ads” 😦

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