Does sex still sell?

Yet a study published in 2015 found that sex takes up so much of our ‘limited attentional capacity’ that it impairs our ability to remember what’s being advertised. Not only does sex “not help” when it comes to selling stuff, it can have a detrimental effect on an advert’s overall effectiveness.Does Sex Still Sell?

Combine this with the outrage against Protein World’s ad campaign, an increasingly feminist culture, and the demise of lads’ mags and you could infer that sex as a device to sell is outmoded. Except it’s not that straightforward.

Source: Does sex still sell? | Canvas8

+Notes: Do expect a much lengthier analysis & commentary. This piece is chock full of great information, and ideas. Posting this because it really jumped out & drew me in. Feel free if you’ve read it to leave your comments below