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| SHORT | [1 minutes Read ]

Not Into The Hearts? Twitter Appears To Be Testing Multi-Emoji Reactions

Today, we’ve learned that Twitter, which tests many things all of the time, is letting folks play with the ability to share reactions in multiple ways by way of emojis. Forget the heart. And the star. If you want.

Source: Not Into The Hearts? Twitter Appears To Be Testing Multi-Emoji Reactions | TechCrunch


| MEDIUM | [4 minute Read]

Mental health in the digital age—a conversation with Jen Hyatt, Founder of Big White Wall


Indeed Jen believes that the one-size-fits-all approach of more traditional interventions misses the opportunities to tailor services to the individual, known in the sector as ‘personalisation’. To Jen, “data analytics is personalisation”. Unlike social media platforms, Big White Wall is staffed 24-hours a day by trained professionals, it was designated a High Impact Innovation by the NHS in 2013 and is now a flagship service for the new NHS app endorsement process. Big White Wall is driven increasingly by machine learning algorithms and has a dashboard that allows it to detect potentially triggering or damaging content posted by members  to which the professional online ‘Wall Guides’ respond. And for its online 1:1 therapy service, called LiveTherapy, it has seen recovery rates reach up to 12% above the national average achieved in equivalent NHS therapy services. So it’s working.

Source: Article: Mental health in the digital age – a convo with Jen Hyatt, Founder of Big White WallRSA


| LONG | 23 minute Read

On Gawker’s Problem With Women

On Gawker's Problem with Women

Gawker Media, an allegedly progressive, whistle-blowing aggravator in the easily-bristled media landscape — one that was the first to break stories on Josh Duggar’s attempted infidelity, to expose Greg Hardy’s buried domestic abuse, to reveal The Daily Show’s staff gender inequality, to time and time again call out all sorts of people and publications for their wicked or misleading behavior — was deserving of a harsh critique. Gawker Media itself, despite its proud claims to enlightenment, has a woman problem.

Source: On Gawker’s Problem With WomenMatter