Design is a conversation


Looking back to the mid-2000s and the Web 2.0 era, we witnessed a period of huge change for the internet, where it changed from static pages and moved towards applications.

Sites like Google Maps or Flickr opened up their APIs, meaning anyone could build websites pulling in that data. With this ability to build new things on top of this data, websites were transformed from static pages into services.

A similar transformation is happening today. Bots are to modern messaging apps what APIs were to Web 2.0; a way to build on top of other services, experiment, and create a new way of interacting with existing services. It’s the start of a significant new way of interacting with computers.

Source: Design is a conversation | Inside Intercom

+Note: Great read ~ finishing up with ‘the conversation is only just beginning.’  What part will writers, linguists, and others play in the evolving landscape that is the web. The above quote illustrates the changing paradigm where previously we had to click on links or calls-to-action, but when using our voice now for texts or within apps to direct, what larger forces will come to bear on the industry? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below