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Short: Revenge Porn King Sentenced |  Medium: Not “Freelancer” |  Long: OOPS! Google Keyword Planner

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| SHORT | [1 minute Read ]

Revenge Porn King Gets Two Years In Prison

Hunter Moore, former operator of IsAnyoneUp.com, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Source: Revenge Porn King Gets Two Years In Prison | Motherboard


| MEDIUM | [4 minute Read]

Why I Stopped Calling Myself A “Freelancer”

Saying you’re a freelancer doesn’t signal to others that you’re a know-what-you’re-doing, take-no-crap professional. That bias may be unfair, but it’s a reality. Clients too often see freelance arrangements as low-cost line items rather than strategic partnerships.

And that creates a power imbalance, with the client in charge—hardly an ideal situation for independent workers, especially those trying to start a business with the express purpose of gaining more freedom over their work. Others start working on their own after they quit a job or get laid off. Maybe freelancing was just the path of least resistance, possibly begun by picking up work from a former employer.

Clients don’t pay you for your freedom. They pay you to do a job for them—and expect you to finish it.

Source: Why I Stopped Calling Myself A “Freelancer” | Fast Company


| LONG | 7 minute Read

Google Keyword Planner’s Dirty Secrets

Google Keyword Planner has some pretty scary skeletons in its closet! Learn about all the dirty secrets that should make you think twice about relying on Google’s volume estimates.

Sometimes our best data sources aren’t exactly up to par. While nearly every search marketer will rely on Google Keyword Planner data at one point or another, especially while doing keyword research, the reality is that the data is often untrustworthy and should be viewed with great skepticism. Whether you plan to use it to help build a paid search campaign or determine which content to write, there are huge caveats to the numbers presented as Average Search Volume.

Source: Google Keyword Planner’s Dirty Secrets | Moz