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| SHORT | [1 minute Read]

Facebook says its object detection tech has improved by 60% in one year

“By enabling computers to recognize objects in photos, it will be easier to search for ‘the picture of the fruit bowl’ without you having to explicitly tag each photo you upload,” Schroepfer wrote. “It will also help us make sure your feed is filled with the photos you most want to see. People with vision loss will be able to understand what is in a photo their friends share because the system will be able to tell them, regardless of the caption posted with the image. While there is still so a long ways to go, I’m really excited by the progress the team has made.”

Source: Facebook says its object detection tech has improved by 60% in one year | VentureBeat


| MEDIUM | [3 minute Read]

The 7 Worst Business Buzzwords of 2015

It’s the perfect New Year’s resolution: Stop using business jargon. We all do it, despite the fact that it confuses people, makes the speaker sound uncreative, and gives employees a fantastic motivation to play buzzword bingo during meetings.

[Sharing Economy, Biohack, Unicorn, Curate, Authentic, Rock Star, Ecosystem]

(we take objection with curate being included ~ but understand it in large businesses it must be annoying)

Source: The 7 Worst Business Buzzwords of 2015 | Inc.com


| LONG | 9 minute Read

In Defense of Being Average

There are over 7.2 billion people on this planet, and really only about 1,000 of those have major worldwide influence at any given time. That leaves the other 7,199,999,000 +/- of us to come to terms with the limited scope of our lives and the fact that the vast majority of what we do will likely not matter long after we’ve died. This is not a fun thing to think about or accept.

Source: In Defense of Being Average | Mark Manson