Mobile Payments Mess, Summarized by This 71-Year-Old’s Email

“Being forced to choose all of these different payment system(s) for each business I might use is not something I want to do.”

Source: Mobile Payments Mess, Summarized by This 71-Year-Old’s Email | Re/code

+Commentary: When thinking about payment systems in general, the above quote makes rather simple work of the problem. It is clearly User Experience generated. The short article is excellent at outlining all the different mobile payment systems available, and the problems with them all. They aren’t centralized, they do not account for the labor that is required to first figure out if your particular payment method is allowed. Again we are readily approaching a normality to everyone having their phone at all times, but until the field narrows (a là MC/Visa/Amex/Discover) and the trust is established this will continue to be an uphill battle.

What happens if I’m overcharged or need a refund? How complicated or easy is that? These are things even in this time of plastic payment ubiquity that still create stress. Losing your phone, having it hacked, or broken is a regular occurrence. So until these things can be allayed and the providers consolidated it should be another 5-10 years and many more innovations in this area to see wide adoption.

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