12 Tasks in Every Social Media Marketer’s Work Week 

Hours of Effort Each Week for an Effective Social Media Plan

  • Blogging – 7.5 hours to produce content that you can share via social media.
  • Contingency – 5 hours to problem solve, write unscheduled posts, research, and provide damage control to manage reputation.
  • Updates – 4 hours to post text, photos, and comment.
  • Engagement – 4 hours a week to respond to follows, mentions, and questions.
  • Research – 3 hours to source internal and external content.
  • Listening – 2.5 hours monitoring brand mentions, hashtags, keywords, and searches.
  • Curation – 2.5 hours reading feeds, filtering, and sharing content.
  • Community – 2.5 hours of audience outreach and acquisition.
  • Campaigns – 2.5 hours to develop contests and manage promotional applications.
  • Strategy – 2.5 hours of tactical planning and ideation.
  • Analytics – 2.5 hours of reviewing social media reporting and performance.
  • Planning – An hour a week to update your editorial calendar and assign tasks.

Source: 12 Tasks in Every Social Media Marketer’s Work Week | Marketing Technology


Total: 38 hours.

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