Tales of your Downfall are greatly exaggerated, they always are

twitter storm birds
Another Day, another rumor that sparks furious condemnation of Twitter for daring to change. Of course it trends. Its users, power or otherwise, influencer or not, seem to have very strong feelings about something they neither know much about or have investigated more than say, listening to what others have tweeted. Except to say Twitter is ‘becoming Facebook’ … algorithm this…non-chronological…

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Further to this, one has to wonder why all the complaining, why grab the pitchforks, light the torches, swear (rather less than persuasively) you’ll stop using it…

twitter storm birds

What is all the fuss about?

If you can have both, algorithm & as-they-happen — then, really, what is the problem?  Are we missing something? As with any breaking-news the amount of conjecture, before they know or understand, the amount of hyperbole, and teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing, flailing is to be expected. Whether it be a ❤ over a star or like vs fave.

Every change creates discomfort

And as such you as the person forcing this change on them, in this case Twitter, who apparently they love to hate. They are only the conduit by which they connect with each other. Yet, one can easily recall that Facebook made multiple changes, sitewide that annoyed & irritated its base. All of whom called for a return to the ‘old Facebook’ but who to this day still use the latest version. Likewise many of the people complaining now, are power users that I follow, who I can’t imagine over a bit of discomfort

Remember: Users don’t hate change, they hate you.  Is this a change that will help? Apparently the mere ‘idea’ of tweets that aren’t chronological is firmly ingrained as a bad thing. Facebook is horrible for it, constantly switching you to “Top Stories” instead of ‘Most Recent’ and after years of this they still haven’t fixed that bug. Yet, and we are unsure if Twitter will do the same thing, let’s imagine that non-chronological isn’t such a bad thing.

With their “While You Were Away” feature that greets you after you’ve not been logged in (on desktop, haven’t found it on limited use of the mobile app), and the Moments tab (again, not a real fan of this) but if it helped get rid of much of the clutter that is chronological tweets might not be a bad idea. If the algorithm works. Apparently they know things about us, based on our usage, which they could incorporate. Like the people whose tweets we expand and view that we don’t like or retweet.

So again, any change that Twitter seems to make gets immediately compared to the behemoth Facebook; whether comparable or not. Yet change they must, and will. Dragging their power users & everyone else with them. Most people don’t comment or tweet, the bulk are lurkers. Yet if the ones who make all the noise, generate all the tweets, and often mistake that for influence and the last word on these things.

How does this grow your user base?

Yet, if making them happy increased their user base, created more value for the company, then alas we wouldn’t be having these conversations. Twitter has to change, must, it is imperative. What that change will be is sure to inspire suggestions from the chattering class who rule it, however if journalists & celebrities, the two elite class users who generate most of the activity on the site. Still a stupid & inane joke, or a twitter feud b/w Kanye, Meek Mill, or whomever, or a hateful political tweet from the reality star that is running for President ~ if these are your goldmine. Does it matter if you are there when they happen, or happen to follow someone who will share it?

This move doesn’t seem to really make any sense to lure new users, but a measure to recapture those who have previously abandoned the application. Yet this would not be on the list of “why they left…” and not necessarily make them want to return.

Let me not regurgitate what I’ve written before about Twitter’ failings, and why I think they are beating around the bush when it comes to why they aren’t growing users. It stands to reason that many over the past decade have abandoned it for good reason, and won’t rejoin so long as someone can screencap the tweet & share it. What value is there to returning to Twitter just to face the same abuse you previously experienced? Until they fix that major problem, it will be Darwinian, in that it will be survival of the fittest.

Again, recent changes that didn’t elicit any response is the fact that images & video now fly-out (or pop-up) when you click them, whereas they expanded previously. This has made the video display better, but is really unnecessary for photos. Since both are classified the same, alas I’m sure it was a one-size-fits-all approach. We will learn to deal with it, or not notice, as many seem to have done.

What are your thoughts on improving Twitter, sound off in the comments below.


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