Too little, too late

Red Lobster Fail: Cheddar Bey Biscuits

+Commentary: Clearly waiting 10 hours & then poaching a popular tweet is what is called bad ‘social listening’ ~ if after 10 hours you can’t be original, hire someone who can, preferably a black social media person. They would have helped in what can only be called the greatest shot, then miss:

If you are a social media manager, and you run a major corporation who gets tons of free PR from the release of a song. Even if there are curse words used in the same sentence that mentions your brand. You have to embrace that, work with that, and most of all, be original.

Surely the first time we saw usage of this particular response was from the same person who brought us #OscarsSoWhite two year sin a row, and a trail blazer. (not by her own omission as the originator) From her it was funny:

From you it was tone-deaf. It was the lowest hanging fruit you could pick. Now you have a spoof account of DeRay’s vest clowning you, and the target audience you would hope to capitalize on:

Which if we are clear, is exactly how a great deal of the influential people who are ever-present on social media saw your tweet.

That is a lose-lose. So let’s review what you did wrong:

  1. Be Timely: You waited entirely too long. Over 10 hours later misses the connectivity that is the web, the ever-present nature. Whoever was manning your account, whether it be a weekend or not, should have noticed all the mentions & the activity on your account. Whatever enterprise software you use should have identified such a swell of activity & alerted whomever tends it. No matter time or day.
  2. Be Original: Then after such a long & egregious time to poach a popular tweet & repackage as your own states that you are not at all flattered by he attention you have unwittingly received, doesn’t thank your fans, and is almost too dismissive to the woman who brought all this attention to your brand.
  3. Think of the Target: Frame it around the users of the platform you are sharing the message on. Twitter can & will be more playful, but also more likely to bite back. So you have to thread a very culturally sensitive needle. On Facebook that very same approach might have been warmly received, and widely shared. But you have to think about who your target for the update is, and what you hope they will do. Usually this is see your brand in a better light, not shed whatever caché an influencer has imparted upon you.
  4. Be Gracious: If you aren’t comfortable with the attention, it makes no matter, but thank the people who have pilloried your Social Media Accounts & peppered them with humor razzing your response. Ex: Thanks for all the love & humor, sorry we couldn’t respond there was a stampede for our biscuits!

Now you are “on a roll” but the crowd have you over a biscuit:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Don’t do this Red Lobster, hire someone better, fire the current person doing it, and get your act together.


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    Don’t do this Red Lobster, hire someone better, fire the current person doing it, and get your act together.


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