Delete. That. Tweet.

Hefty Bruno Mars Super Bowl Tweet

Another Day, Another ill-thought out Tweet:


Offense? Being rather culturally insensitive & going out of their way to craft a picture of trash bags with gold chain & a sunglasses to emulate Bruno Mars & Dance Crew during their Super Bowl 50. Who wouldn’t be flattered? Or maybe they were hoping to display some edgy millennial humor? Either way, a clear #Fail.

Nearly 24 Hours later, and they are hoping this is a tempest-in-a-social-teapot. Which is bad form, and with over 1000+ RTs/Faves it is clearly in the million mark of reach, and engagement through the roof. There are tons of replies to this tweet, and those shares are to lampoon the idiocy of such a tweet. At these critical moments when say half of the people watching are upset about their team losing, or the post-game interview reactions, don’t fall into feeling like we are all just going to let it slide. In fact, the NYT just retracted their tweet & issued an apology within hours. If you don’t have a team that can see the error of a tweet or act upon it quickly, then you haven’t hired the right people.

This year is shaping up nicely, given it started off with a bang, and of course an inappropriate tweet. These things are starting to happen daily, and that means that meetings or deciding these things by committee is not working, and that too many people are eschewing the responsibilities that come with managing these accounts is being left in the hands of a few. Like Red Lobster, these sort of things can’t be allowed to linger or fester, they have to be addressed swiftly. Recovery from them, if handled professionally & all due haste can minimize the lasting effects. Later someone posted a screenshot of them being blocked by the account, so it was active during this time, but alas not dealing with the understandable backlash to a reprehensible tweet, or not recognizing your error amidst all that clamoring is to invite disaster.

Trash Bags are a non-cyclical, staple of households and a necessity in modern homes. How do you mess this up? A corny joke & offensive graphic will do it. Don’t be a hefty jerk when it comes to social media posts.