Et Tu, Cosmo? No, we mean AGAIN.

Hair Tattoos = the next beauty trend you desperately need in your life:

Cosmo Tweet: Hair Tattoos equal next beauty trend desperately need in your life

What could possibly be wrong with this tweet? Twitter knows.

Another Day, Another bad tweet. Clowning Begins in 3, 2, 1…

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Today’s offender: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Offense: #CosmoHeadlines in 2011, 2013, 2014 & now again it seems they can’t help tweeting the wrong thing, composing a stupid headline, or making a comparison that will get the ire of everyone. Can’t find it, but as recently as last week they had another offensive tweet. Perhaps slightly longer. This is really a signal that whatever intern they have managing their globally recognized brand is making waves once more. Deleting & moving on is one way to deal with it, but remember screencaps are forever.

The only thing that this can rightly be associated with is a staff too young to realize this has been a popular fad/style in communities of color since the 80s & before. That they have no culturally sensitive adults staffing their social media profiles to point this out. In an audit we’d investigate how these bad choices happen & help create a pipeline that allowed for these stories to be filtered, and appropriate headlines/tweets chosen. Without encumbering the quick-to-print process that is the 24/7 internet publishing industry.

In this case it seems like maybe not try to poach your trends from existing or established cultural practices to regurgitate them for some young hipsters. Ask yourself is the hassle & frustration worth it?

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Bonus: If you are looking for the page, don’t bother we checked it out & they took the “secret undercut tattoo” page down & you only get this:

So page removed even if the url says it all: and no apology, just lay low & pretend it didn’t happen. Got it. That is a real class act you are doing Cosmopolitan Magazine, so stay classy.