State of Online Tech & Social Media 2016

State of Online Tech & Social Media 2016

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What has changed?

Certainly in a crowded space full of ad blindness, content fatigue, and other buzzwords that just tell you what you already know. Our streams are already cluttered with enough clamoring voices that it is often hard to tell the noise from the message. Nowhere is this more evident than when you try to reach out to a brand or company via social media. An email seems too tedious these days, a phone call to a robo-voice seems unbearable, better to just tweet your disappointment, or go to their Facebook page to vent, or failing all that just send them a text.

Life & Social Media Come At You Fast

If only it were that simple, and it is. That doesn’t mean that globally we have reached the point where brands can handle the irritation or adulation that might erupt in today’s ultra-fast-paced responses. Brands & social media managers in particular are under a great deal of stress, as are the companies and brands that they work for to be both on brand/message and quick as lightning.

Even Twitter, is just today, trying to compete with the completely obnoxious Facebook Business page messaging system & offering to help brands connect quicker or more reliably with their followers on social media. Is it enough? Or are we creating another layer to an already crowded retinue of ways your customers, clients, and trolls can contact/harass you? This is good for conglomerates and companies with staff to manage these things, but harder for the person who has to wear all the hats, and whose phone buzzes off the hook already.

How to manage customer relations in the digital social media age? It is the most important factor for conveying your branding, connecting with people, and leaving an indelible mark. Also an issue in the next coming weeks we have a few case-studies to share, and are looking forward to. Read further thoughts at the links below:

Shape up or Break Up? & Client #RelationshipGoals 2016


For the better or worse?

With an Award Show happening every week, or every other week, and full into the swing of the much heralded sweeps that are “Awards Season” it gives us pause that the state of social media participation and these globally watched shows aren’t more in sync by now. They almost seem tech-resistant, not quite luddite, but not evolving in any measurable way. When cord-cutting & second-screening are ubiquitous these days it behooves these rather large unwieldy beasts that are the biggest award programmes (and their corporate/media partners) to get with the program. Boycotts on social media, flagging ratings, and an overabundance of the most mundane content is creating a chasm. Also not helping their bottom line. What can they do? Don’t know the answer to that but think they better do something quick. Read further thoughts at the link below:

What We Noticed Last Night


The difficulties, they multiply:

It can be virtually impossible for a freelancer, solopreneur, or typical small business (you know the ones with only one or two people working there), and even challenging for startups who have too little resources and too many ideas. Yet there are several things which the web makes easy, like adoption of new tech, and things that it makes considerably more complex. Managing your reputation and branding when there is such a cacophony of updates, pages, links, and so on.

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Tower of Faces photo: source

This is a case study in how one small business solopreneur went horribly wrong, and in the end was terribly insulting to the memory of anyone who cares about the Holocaust or its survivors. Most notably too is how hard it is to maintain a thorough, consistent, and up-to-date presence online for small businesses today.

Another Day, Another Viral Post, Another Case Study
[TW: Contains barely covered nude image of Donald Trump, not for the squeamish, but it’s “art”]

Illma Gore (crop) 'Make America Great Again'

Make America Great Again by Illma Gore

This case study is what happens when your NSFW goes instantly viral across multiple platforms, and how fragmented the experience can be for anyone, in the interest of wanting to know more about the artist(s), searches out and find all the various incarnations, social media profiles, other projects, and can not find a single thing linking them all together. Remember, artist or business, you have to create a hub, have to have an index somewhere, and don’t make it harder for people to throw their money at you.

HotTakes: Illma Gore

So do feel free to tell us what is on your mind in 2016, what your greatest concerns, obstacles, and even your success stories. Promise to dedicate March to life’s little successes online!

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