A cautionary tale:

How I Handled My Personal Story Going Viral

Having your story attacked by trolls and tabloids is a terrible experience, but it is possible to minimize the damage.

via How I Handled My Personal Story Going Viral | The Content Strategist

+Commentary: Very good list of things you can learn from someone who suffered after her article was picked up by trolls and the impact it then had on her life & loved ones. Some tips and precautions to take before hand:

The outline is standard advise

  1. Control your social presence

  2. Don’t feed the trolls

  3. Be selective about interview requests

  4. Keep the facts straight

  5. Take a social break

  6. Lean on a support network

  7. Check in with friends and family

  8. Connect with new fans and followers

Almost all of the advice is centered around the author’s experience as a freelancer. If you run your own business, aside from just managing these social properties in a PR/Marketing or even personal capacity-wise there are extra levels and precautions that should be taken.

You see this advice, not only being common, is in hindsight. There are many things you can do, or should do to position yourself against such attacks, or unwanted attention. For a business it is not feasible, often times, to completely forgo social media, or to shut down. Inside the unwanted requests/attacks can be business opportunities, and these are ignored at your peril.

So if you are a freelancer, do follow these guidelines and consider these things BEFORE it becomes a problem. If you also run a business, aside from your freelancing, then you most definitely need to start in the beginning with a crisis management plan, no different than taking into account you may be hacked, or you may suffer breaches in security. Please contact us if you want further guidance, and how from the ground up you have to have a plan to deal with whatever may come your way. There a number of good protections that are easy to implement, both legally & for social media which can expedite getting back on track quickly and with as little pain as possible.