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GIFbutton Twitter Announcement Video

What to do when your competitor hogs the conversation:

So not to be outdone on the day that (always ironically) Facebook Emojis was nationally trending in response to the change in their main UX, the first in many years. Twitter decided to roll out the ‘add-a-gif’ to your tweet feature. Long a source of such hilarity for us personally, some of the people we follow have perfected the gif response to an artform. Each time it totally makes our day. So we look forward to everyone having that same opportunity. It is not unlike the Facebook feature available in their chat program, or in your inbox. Calling upon Imgur and others to really propel this gifolution which started years ago. Facebook’s introduction of gifs (for both people & pages) a while back also

We’ll take a well placed gif over video anyday. What are your thoughts on the spread of gifs on social media. After years of staring at static memes, it seems it can provide the much needed comic relief and otherwise distraction in what can be a neverending litany of humblebrags and product placements.

Never Miss an Important Tweet, eh?

New Feature From Twitter

Wait a minute…didn’t they say they weren’t going to offer us algorithmic based timelines? jack responds to RIPTwitter trendingThis sounds awfully suspicous given Jack said he wouldn’t just a few weeks ago?!?! This greeted us when we logged into our account today, perhaps you’ve seen a similar message. This might be, to our minds the feature that sparked the #RIPTwitter meltdown. Since when you go to the settings there it is full of mildly ambiguous “Best Tweets” description you see below. Which if one is to understand its plain English speak, but still not terribly direct will place these best tweets of their choosing (or an algorithm’s clearly) and put them at the top.

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Thoughts? Well many of the power-users we follow, take umbrage with tweets from hours ago (or the day before) suddenly receiving renewed interest. For a joke, or a share this is generally an added boost. But when you discussing a subject, oft times heated, or trolled heavily, then you might not want to revisit it, and have stated so, but yet this will encourage a new round. So we’ll have to see how the usage plays out, if it actually increases the impressions & engagements with tweets, that would seem a boon. If it lifts or elevates those that might not get seen, that too would be welcome, but if it prolongs the problem that many on Twitter have of being trolled endlessly, that could spread out a week-long break, into months.

So the proof will be in the pudding. Most of the time, this issue won’t affect us personally, as we use TweetDeck to manage multiple accounts, and log in for some, daily, and others weekly. Are you going to be happy to see trending tweets you might have missed?