Coming soon: Improved Twitter Embedded Timeline

Improved timeline or ruined experience?

Starting March 3, you’ll see a new design for the embedded timeline that’s more modern, flexible, and media-forward.


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This update is more than just a facelift. Over the last few months you’ve told us about the kinds of stories you want to tell, and we’ve incorporated your feedback directly into the timeline display. As a result, the new timeline has a clean, modern design that blends seamlessly into any page on your site. It’s fully responsive, too, so it looks great at any size. And we think it will delight your users with expanded photos, videos, polls, and cards. We’ve also removed the old ‘hide media’ option to put sharing front and center on every Tweet, so that it’s easier than ever for people to engage with your content.

On March 3, you’ll be able to start embedding profiles, lists, collections, and more using the new timeline display. At that time, we will also automatically upgrade all existing timelines to the new version as well.

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Forget Single Tweets—Twitter Will Now Let You Embed Streams



“This update is more than a facelift,” writes Mollie Vandor, a senior product manager at Twitter, in a blog post today. Twitter first announced a kind of embeddable tweet grid in the fall. This is a more streamlined version of that grid developed based on feedback from publishers—that is, the makers of sites that draw the big audiences Twitter hopes to reach.


+Note: We’ll reserve judgment, but that ‘Hide Media’ button/link which was personally used frequently scares us that they seem to imply they are doing away with that & then launching into offering longer media streams. Certainly in their haste to unveil this feature they were a little too punchy & will have . Nothing mentioned here is “media forward” unless they left out something heretofore not discussed. And wired just might have gotten carried away with the PR release to put such a churnalism spin on this one feature bringing in big audiences…The Zola story, and its many imitators since obviously queued this to the front of the development bin. This team got greenlit. Got it.

Let’s hope again that these are manageable & don’t become like Tumblr allowing nearly unlimited media posts which scroll on forever. One of the most annoying features to try & work around. Also the quickest way to get unfollowed (or muted) if you abuse.

Source: Coming soon: An improved embedded timeline | Twitter Blogs

Source: Forget Single Tweets—Twitter Will Now Let You Embed Streams | WIRED