Infographic: 9 Features You NEED On Mobile

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Top 9 Features Consumers Want On Mobile [Infographic]

When creating a mobile website you think of typography and decide not to experiment with font colors and types. You carefully select content that would engage and entertain. You even predict your vis…

+Note: This is offered as insight into mobile-centric design, you should apply these principles to your website or app going forward. We’ve kept the original hand-crafted excerpt from 2014, out of spite mostly. This is an excellent infographic laying out in detail just nine of the most essential things to focus on. The rest of the page has examples & suggestions for best practices that are still valid.

What we’d never counsel for, even in 2014 was a bifurcated subsite that was strictly mobile. Certainly not for our clients, and yet their are a host of legitimate reasons for them. Just not if you are trying to run it all yoruself. ActiveMobi & the author seem vested in that idea though. They make mobile sites after all.They have stopped posting on twitter in 2015, nothing about their website or anything else led us to believe they are doing a booming business. All nice, but honestly it smelled very stale, all the stats & quotes were from 2014 — when mobile was going to overtake desktop was the mantra. It has, but not quite in the ways that evangelists like this were cognizant of.

Again the points here are still good to think about, but even in 2014 technology existed to have a mobile & responsive website that wasn’t a completely other thing from your main site. That is what you should aim for and many templates, plugins and apps have come along to help you do this seamlessly with one site to manage, not several. Yet ActiveMobi seems to be the kind of business model that saw a need, and went for it.

Mobile-centric design that they’ve mentioned here is also essential as you craft your site, any posts, and certainly as you think about the Information Architecture elements. That is essential having a system in place that glides effortlessly & doesn’t penalize either party. Be they on desktop or mobile.

Source: Top 9 Features Mobile Consumers Want On Your Mobile Website (Infographic) | B2C