Evelyn from the Internet(s)

Woke this morning to find the “new” way YouTubers (YT’ers) are succeeding. This video is funny, and of course whoever puts together Beyoncé’s stadium tour saw fit to include it in the segues between performances. Watching this young woman lose her sh*t on the internet is also funny as hell.

It is still very early, but… I’d imagine this will give her a ‘bump’ but she has 50k viewers, 12k followers on Twitter, 48k on Facebook and a pretty well put together channel and social profiles elsewhere. What is funnier though is she is *just* doing her thing, this was just a daily challenge video (doing 30 in the month of April #VEDA) which only has 70k views on YT.

11k Followers on Instagram, too. Those followers on her Facebook brand page are the real MVPs:

evelyn from the internets audit

This just speaks for itself.

Now what we should expect to see, is the video freebooted & end up on other FB pages, and elsewhere with no attachment whatsoever to her. She has a watermark but that will be cut off b/c it is YT ratio friendly not IG square etc… but her graphics are tight and she isn’t hard to find even if she doesn’t say her name in it.

That said don’t think this was her 15 seconds of fame either. Not a worry that she won’t do something else, her videos are well done, have nice graphics but what next? Even recently (post-MetGala) she had a ‘viral tweet’ too:

To the FB version of the video however: It has 2.8m views (remember they count 3s as a ‘view’) but that aside her YT channel has 4m lifetime views TOTAL. That disconnect is real. The difference in these platforms is: YT will show up in search (it is the 3rd most visited site) although I will admit, she only put the slightest of copy in the description box (it was a challenge there is a link to the day before, and a one sentence line). Yet where she wins on Facebook with this: the 42k likes //10k comments (on just this post, not the shares) and all those views means many MILLIONS SAW IT, and yes even Beyonce & her team probably.

evelyn no cover photo

So in the one case… they used what all freebooters do, Bey’s team that is, a ripper that just took the video without reaching out to her & included a HI-DEF version blown up to & projected on a huge screen.

Niche to Mainstream?

What we find interesting is the above surface analysis is what an article write up would not say. What you’d notice is on the YT version of the Lemonade video she has more views than it has subscribers. That she doesn’t post them on IG too (not even a taste of the popular Beyonce vid) where she has 11k following. So freebooting & using it there (it is already there, probably, but who can or will be able to find it? Not just the concert footage either)

again three videos only on FB_interesting

only three videos on facebook

So she has “all those followers” but is still relatively small. She isn’t gonna sue Beyonce for using her video in the show, obviously, but how nice of Bey to use it without really getting the girl a promise or reward. That sends a much stronger symbol to me about our REmix paradigm or current culture. We’d be offended on some slight level, while ALSO being happy if this was our creation. Yet this is where marketers are going for those without the massive followings & shifting their influencer marketing campaigns. Where even a super-über-star like Beyonce is acting no different from a Freebooter.

From Niche to Mainstream

It almost seems absurd to say Evelyn doesn’t have a massive following, but added all up she isn’t what marketers had been targeting. They want a million on a single channel, et al to really feel they were getting bang for their buck, which as we predicted years ago was going to drive them bankrupt. Now they see the light.

Rise of a micro-influencer

This says something. But let’s look slightly deeper than the above MSM article friendly metrics. She’s had a YouTube Channel since 2007. (That is when they BEGAN, btw #EarlyAdopter) Also on Twitter since 2009. These videos have a polish to them clearly that she didn’t just start this y’day. That is a long time to be on this grind, and bless her for ‘doing a challenge’ this late in the game. 30dys x 30vids is no joke, would not try it, but think she smartly had done them (or some) in advance. Also in doing it this long she has the skills/equipment to do them & edit it easier than most.

That creativity is a full time f***ing job. So she’s been doing this a while, probably also still has the day job. She used to do beauty reviews, natural hair, etc… but doesn’t anymore (think it again wasn’t ‘paying’ but she’ll do ‘other’ product reviews. Think this may also financially motivated, free swag or $$$ for other things, not the now crowded hair product lines, but we don’t really know just vague speculation). While that isn’t a slight, just that these areas in the past few years have become bustling. So high abundance & low value.

So to follow up on what we’ve been talking about. These Beauty / MUA / Nail fields are now crowded, and as pointed out previously, you can dislike and unfollow when or if these microbrands push it too far. The branding and staying on a message, delivering on it, and telling a story that fits the long-tail internet over the one that makes you viral for your ’15 seconds of Fame’ these days is imperative.

More Views, More Mo-…Problems

She addresses these issues of internet fame/vanity metrics in this challenge:

Doing all this make one ‘internet famous’ but not rich, obviously. We’ve reported on that before. Yet what surprised us as we were so obviously smitten with the style, presentation, and the giddy feeling we got after watching, and then scrolling down her Twitter timeline was, what next?

What is left to conquer?

Looking for some indications as to what this rising star was going to give us. No different really than when we saw Chescaleigh or Luvvie for the first times. Here is the result of an hour’s investigation. Let it be a cautionary tale, sage advice, for either millennial or seasoned artist. Yes, use your personality. Yes, use these various channels to their fullest. Yes, employ good branding & best practices. But outside those social microcosms, stop and read the tea leaves. Your metrics. Not talking about likes, views, shares, or any data that is immediately accessible.

If we use just the superficial data above, 4 million lifetime views on a channel that she has had since 2007, amortizes at a respectable, but not impressive rate. The 2 million on Facebook in such a short time speaks more volume, and credibility that marketers are looking for. Yet could be a fluke to a brand that wants to work with her. The usage by Beyonce and patented with probably ™’d ‘Beyoncé Effect’ ; that brings much more to the table.

Yet what does one do with that now? Further investigation turned up a dusty 2012 (yep 4 years ago) Tumblr, a “blog” with about 8 posts on it from 2014, that should have served as a central hub for the character (fictional or the real artist behind it) Evelyn From the Internets. Great branding, but a Potemkin village of sorts because it isn’t current. If we were on Bey’s team (we wish!) in evaluating this person, their brand, their presence, we’d find it lacking. Showing a lot of promise, but not really interlocking.

her resume site doesn't work anymore

There is money being left on the table by this young lady for sure. Because when it came time to uncover and reveal the genius behind it, we went to a page (above) that is now defunct. That is a huge disconnect. To not spend some time on housekeeping and interlocking these many aspects so that an interested party will find you or make you an offer, and make dreams come true is wasteful. Same as relying on a DM system on Twitter, the annoying Facebook page message systems, or even email which all have filters or can send important messages to the SPAM folder or get lost in the unimportant messages from adoring fans.

Start with a Plan

A fully integrated one (as the link in the headline suggests). Here are our Pro-Tips you can learn from this, in case you find yourself the sudden center of such attention.

  1. Have a plan, don’t wing it (and this is NOT a plan)
    • Return to that Plan often, update as things change
    • Don’t reinvent the wheel with each new try
    • Wrap in what you’ve done in new ways
  2. Stop Testing & Trying platforms/ideas/things out
    • (Then abandoning them)
    • Use what is there in interlocking ways (see #1)
    • Repurpose it (playlists, etc… to increase longevity)
    • Interlocking is more than a cross-post share button
  3. Check your metrics & true analytics
    • That will tell you what is working
    • It will also tell you what gives you best bang for buck
  4. Spend as much time as you can weaving the pieces together
    • Know where each piece fits
    • Tell that narrative too, to those that will pay you
    • Don’t let it rot on the Vine (pun intended)
  5. Know the long-tail value and what your brand brings to the table
    • Otherwise those that will hire you will take advantage of you
    • Think like they think, show it
    • Be as up-to-date on your industry as the people who hire you
  6. If you are this committed to it, show it
    • treat it like a business not a side-gig
    • It will reap real rewards, it is your future
  7. Also spend time on a crisis management strategy beforehand
    • It saves you money, no matter how much you spend
    • For in losing money/access you lose your brand (and narrative)
    • Safety/Health Concerns cost so much more to fix than monetary/marketing
    • It can shift the narrative onto the negative effects or backlash
    • Decentering and erasing you from your own brand story
    • Not cost you money, the valuable kind, your time
    • Creating content is only part of it (be that tweets/videos/posts)
    • Working it into everything else while highlighting all not isolating it
  9. Finally: Doing what you love…
    • makes great content
    • doesn’t always leave time for good housekeeping, upkeep
    • means making time for it, that is what will pay off
    • sometimes means hiring someone to do these chores
    • continue along but also look for ways to use the whole archive
    • and tell a story of your brand, that isn’t fragmented and abandoned pieces from years ago
  10. Go Forth and Prosper!

We love this YouTuber so much we can declare you will see greater things in the future, that is guaranteed. Yet we are hoping along the way we get a fuller story, not the funny youtuber, the crazy tweets, but much more she has to offer beyond branded beauty tips for natural hair. This is an amazing journey & we are just now making our popcorn to see what happens next.