DTT: MTV News reinforces White Supremacy!?!

On today’s edition of Delete That Tweet [DTT:], we focus on this:

MTV News reinforces white supremacy with Exposure Trolling clickbait

If an article is good, you really don’t have to write an inflammatory headline, to wedge into a trending topic like you are a tabloid magazine. This is a fact.

By reinforcing a stereotypical notion, out of context in a headline much of the intertexuality is lost, provocative perhaps for the sake of getting clicks. Yet when #BlackPanther casting news suddenly creates a spontaneous amount of joy that manifests itself in #BlackPantherSOLIT trending for the past 15 hours, then you have to reexamine your priorities.

As with Cosmo, and other brands, this level of trying to do anything to get a click is becoming tedious, and even if it is a small group of people, they can and do discuss this and decide whether they will continue to support your brand. Just ask Amy’s Bakery, oh they are out of business, you can’t. So that is the lesson. Even for larger brands, that if you don’t want to have waste time and resources rebuilding your goodwill, then stop acting like TMZ or Perez Hilton.

And Remember: