Study: Google scrambling our perception of science reality

Google 2010 view

remember when google looked like this?

“The first thing a lot of people turn to for information is Google, and that’s great because there is more information out there than ever,” says communications expert Dietram Scheufele of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a co-author of the new Materials Today  journal study. “But Google is shaping the reality we experience in the suggestions it makes, pointing us away from the most accurate information and towards the most popular.”

Source: Study: Google scrambling our perception of science reality




  1. justjoelsite · May 19, 2016

    Very insightful post


    • GLEAMsocial · May 19, 2016

      Thanks! Yeah even though it is years old at this point, the information (and the discussion) are still happening about it. The media has a huge hurdle to comprehending (and then translating) science, data science, etc… to the public. Many in the DataViz community have known this for years, and talk about it regularly. Keeping it perennially on our radar. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading.

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