Ad Blockers: Saving Data and Time? 

I confess, I use ad blockers. I block ads. I even had an ad or two on my website and still I use them. I can’t even say I’m anti-ads. I want sites to make money and the people providing them with content to get paid, but honestly, ads drag down web pages something awful. More and more reports are bearing that out.

Source: Ad Blockers, Saving Data and Time? | ürban bohemian

+Note: Please read the whole thing at the link above, great post by ürban bohemian regarding ad-bloat, and why more and more studies bear out that surfing in a cross-platform way requires ad-blocking be employed just so the experience is manageable. We like to think of as surfing the ‘web’ is still enjoyable, but with all these various ad networks it usually isn’t. Load times are up, experience of typical users is worse.

This really brings up the idea of targeting and retargeting, and ad-blindness that we all suffer. Why slow down pages for ads we aren’t even going to watch? Or making them more interruptive (while slowing our experience) in order to capture our attention. These are lose-lose propositions in the attention economy we find ourselves, if you can’t be there in context, which all ads are failing at this, see the video in the post above for a humorous skit about that, then don’t be there at all. Don’t waste ad dollars just annoying us, and bloating our web surfing experience.