Twitter Data Visualized for #GameofThrones Usage

How every #GameOfThrones episode has been discussed on Twitter

Read on to learn about how we built this visualization, and what we’ve learned about Game of Thrones—and its fans—from it. And for any of you who aren’t caught up… Warning! The rest of this post contain spoilers from Game of Thrones.

Explore this  interactive visualization to see how the audience relates to the characters relate and them to each other, their popularity & emojis used about them helps track certain sentiments.

Briemund Giantsbae_S06E04 Book of the stranger


brienne tormund_dataviz twitterTheir analysis also captures small moments in the show that spark huge interest for the viewers. In Season 6 Episode 4 “Book of the Stranger”, when Tormund Giantsbane saw Brienne of Tarth for the first time, the audience was speculating a spark of romantic interest between them. #Briemund or #BriemundGiantsbae (take your pic, we rock both proudly)

Game of Thrones_interactive DataViz Twitter use

Explore the full interactive visualization here.

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