Now We’ve Heard it All: “Like our Page or Move Out!”

This landlord said ‘like’ me on Facebook or get evicted

How far will a business go for a Facebook like?

Tenants in a Salt Lake City apartment building found a notice taped to their doors last week instructing them to “like” their apartment complex on Facebook. The posting, a contract addenda, threatened tenants with a breach of contract if they didn’t “like” the apartment complex, City Park Apartments, within a five-day period.


City Park Apartments has since withdrawn the addenda. A legal representative posted a statement earlier this week on the apartment complex’s Facebook page apologizing for incident, saying that the original intent was to make sure photos taken during a community pool party could be legally posted on the company’s Facebook page. They have since shut down their Facebook page, which was flooded with bad comments and a 1.1 star rating since news broke of the required likes.

(Emphasis ours, not in original)

The quest for Facebook likes, considered by some as an organic popularity metric of a business or brand, has driven some companies to go to absurd lengths for an approval click.

Source: This landlord said ‘like’ me on Facebook or get evicted The Washington Post