Brands React to: #LoveWins 

Should Your Brand go Gay-For-Pay During Pride Season?

Wondering if your brand should show support for Marriage Equality or Pride Celebrations? 2015 seemed to confirm that you should.

So, in case you weren’t on Social Media (*gasp*) since Friday morning, in which case this post might be irrelevant to you, then you might not have noticed the profusion of rainbows coloring every icon, profile picture, and post. They were kind of hard to LoveWins 10m Tweetsmiss, as statistics rolling in on Monday morning proved. You can be forgiven, or even granted immunity, if you didn’t greet this with an enthusiastic embrace, don’t worry not all of us did either.

Ana Marie Cox Tweet on Brands Gay LoveWinsIt was kind of hard to miss after the Supreme Court decision that came down serendipitously at the beginning of Pride Weekend festivities taking place in many major metropolises. Which just happened to collide with already planned social media strategies of many major brands, platforms, and businesses alike. First the hashtag #LoveWins when used on twitter put a rainbow put a rainbow ❤ emoji after it. They seemed to have used the same code that put a pride flag after the use of #Pride and managed to do it with a quickness! Strangely however, on Monday morning the rainbow flags had disappeared, while hashtags remained.

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Source: Brands React to #LoveWins | D.A. Królak

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