Are you getting the most from your online efforts?

Getting the Most from an Online Customer Community

Four best practices.

  1. Don’t underestimate the amount of work that’s required

  2. Don’t just recruit “fans” for your community

  3. Measure the ROI

  4. Create a brand for your community

Source: Getting the Most from an Online Customer Community | HBR

+Commentary: Great read from Harvard Business Review, while ostensibly for community managers, it can be applied very broadly to all your social media practices as a micro-business or in any micromarkteting efforts.

So many underestimate, or simply don’t do the work, and the key here is not to just use fans opinions, those will not help you understand what is not working. Then measurement is one of the most overlooked, or misapplied habits, while using likes/shares/comments as a “guide.” That isn’t how any of this works.

Read the entire thing for some great insights into how large scale businesses & communities deal with it. We’ve several tips and how-to’s to offer in the coming weeks that will help scale this to the microbrand level. Ways that don’t rob you of precious time, resources, or energy. That provide insights that can spur greater action, engagement, and further profits.