Please DON’T Delete This Tweet:

do you ever have a dream where your mouth is the hoop & the basketball boys are shooting all the good treats into it swish swish swish

+Note: Finally a rude tweet — we don’t want taken down. The comments below are the usual juvenile social media responses and goofy gifs. While we vacillate between did they know it was rude & of course they did, it makes no matter. As impolite as the double entendre is, it was enough to garner them all those RT’s & hearts.

Does it work brand-wise, probably not. Yet, we won’t shy away, as Denny’s is still our favorite chain-restaurant. It is an attempt at edgy humor that doesn’t punch down and isn’t tone-deaf to cultural context. While not approving, we don’t see the need to add it to our Delete.That.Tweet. category