Staples Canada Clowns Kris Jenner

Staples Canada Tweet Clowns Kris Jennery

And gets over 50,000 Retweets! With 56k Likes!?!?!

What is the world coming to? We thought Canadians were nice, why would they make a joke at the expense of Kris Jenner, head of the Kardashian clan and brand manager.

Who are we kidding? The laughter, and the sputtering of our drink, was more than enough to cement this as the best clowning we’ve seen from a brand. Obviously the Staples Canada Social Media personnel who saw this tweet, realized how much the ‘chain’ resembled paper clips, and ran with the quick zinger.

It would not surprise us to find out however they aren’t Canadian, and that they suffered however mildly some form of admonishment form their corporate HQ.

That being said, we did find ourselves checking to see how low our paper clip supply was 🙂 !

Tell us in the comments below if you can remember another (or better) viral tweet by a brand: