Internet 101: Sometimes You Just Gotta Take The Damn “L” 

Yeah… I’ma tell you like Will Evans told me: if somebody messages something reckless / ignorant / snarky at you, “Mmm–How many followers they got? Only 127 people care what this cat got to say? Not Even worth the time.” That’s been my litmus test for twitter fingers for the longest. Jordan breaks that shit down into math, “I don’t respond to people with 40,000 tweets and 400 followers.”


+Commentary: This is an interesting and very funny look at the psychology behind Twitter, with some really great tips & hints.

Source: Internet 101: Yo, Sometimes You Just Gotta Take The Damn “L” | Black Nerd Problems

And while much of it goes against what we preach and recommend to our clients, it is helpful for understanding “power users” and the Twitterati,  how they react, and what motivates them. It is a look inside how we interact online in both terms that are ribald and unsafe for work or minors. Yet as social media professionals we see this, and worse daily.

The author manages to work in real-life situations involving Celebrities, and a Game of Thrones reference, so we were thrilled to share it. Also a lighthearted look that it is wise to think about before you post anything, and all the ways in which people on the internet look to troll or fight, and why some battles aren’t worth the efforts. Why you are often better off, just taking the ‘L’ at times.

This doesn’t apply to the brands we’ve caught tweeting out of their asses, yes Cosmo, yes Hefty, even MTV, and more. They should delete those tweets, take the L and find a way to make amends, and not repeat it, after all if even the damn Times Square Ball started the year off taking an L and then quickly deleting it, we know anyone is fallible.

Let us know what the biggest L you’ve taken, or seen a brand take in the coments, we’ll do a compilation on them maybe!