Look at NYC’s new WTC Transit Hub in 360°

A 360° look inside NYC’s new $4 billon dollar World Trade Center Transit Hub

The new transit hub at the World Trade Center site is opening to the public this month. The project is over 7 years past it’s planned completion date and costs soared to over $4 billion dollars, which is roughly double the original budget. Regardless, the pristine space and soaring ceilings a beautiful sight worth seeing.

Passengers can now enter into what is a cathedral-like space that allows natural light to filter down onto the commuters below. The station also has a giant skylight, named The Oculus, which will be opened on warm days and every September 11, turning what might have been a dark, crowded hallway into an open-air public plaza.

The Hub was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who is known for similar soaring white structures