When the News Loses Its Soul

Facebook’s algorithm will control journalism if we let it

Gizmodo‘s Michael Nunez delved into the lives of Facebook’s contract journalists in a well-shared piece:

Over time, the work became increasingly demanding, and Facebook’s trending news team started to look more and more like the worst stereotypes of a digital media content farm. Managers gave curators aggressive quotas for how many summaries and headlines to write, and timed how long it took curators to write a post.

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Do algorithms marginalize our lives and choices?

Investigating the algorithms that govern our lives

Investigating the algorithms that govern our lives - Columbia Journalism Review

As online users, we’ve become accustomed to the giant, invisible hands of Google, Facebook, and Amazon feeding our screens. We’re surrounded by proprietary code like Twitter Trends, Google’s autocomplete, Netflix recommendations, and OKCupid matches. It’s how the internet churns. So when Instagram or Twitter, or the Silicon Valley titan of the moment, chooses to mess with what we consider our personal lives, we’re reminded where the power actually lies. And it rankles.

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Sexism in the Oxford Dictionary of English

Why does the Oxford Dictionary of English portray women as “rabid feminists” with mysterious “psyches” speaking in “shrill voices” who can…

Source: Sexism in the Oxford Dictionary of EnglishSpace + Anthropology — Medium 


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Oxford Dictionaries (@OxfordWords) in iOSx has the following usage examples which are the very definition of #EverydaySexism

Rabid Definition: usage example rabid feminist Oxford Dictionary's iOSxmisogynyShrill & Psyhe Defintion in iOSx Oxford Dictionary

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What’s Different Now?

Blogging is doing your work in public.

One thing that’s different about blogging today compared to when I started in 2003: now you have to “go where the people are” online. You can’t rely on them coming to you just because you published something new.

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Don’t Believe the Hype?!?! (or the #Hottake)

The Internet loves an opportunity to feel good about itself almost as much as it loves an opportunity to shame.

Ahmed Mohamed and the problem with the Internet ‘feel-good’ machine

It was an Internet fairytale come true. Hurray!
While it’s an example of the Internet’s power to right wrongs through extreme publicity, and broadcast social norms such that other principals will hesitate before punishing a Muslim teen for an engineering project, it also highlights just how rapid and intense virality can be for those at the center of a social media storm.

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