What a Mobile Website is Supposed to do


Boxy office computers from the 80s and the women who love them


( Click any picture below to enlarge or scroll through )

( Click any picture above to enlarge or scroll through )

Source: Pictures of women using boxy office computers from the early 1980s | Dangerous Minds


Staples Canada Clowns Kris Jenner

Staples Canada Tweet Clowns Kris Jennery

And gets over 50,000 Retweets! With 56k Likes!?!?!
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Flachback Friday: Foolproof and Incapable of Error

HAL 9000 Advertisement faux vintage mock ad faux IBM logo

“We’re Going Digital”

What's the Big Campaign Idea? We'll Figure it out later. Marketoonist Tom Fishburne

Should campaigns be media-driven or idea-driven? Lately, it feels like the media tail is wagging the campaign dog. Many campaigns are built around a media platform, as if the media platform alone …

Source: “We’re Going Digital” cartoon | Marketoonist: Tom Fishburne


Part 5: Remedial Math for Internet Haters

Nothing makes us titter like people getting mad that they didn’t get enough likes on something. What will make us howl even quicker is people who think getting a lotta likes on something means anything either, or as a measure of their popularity! Then when we want uncontrollable belly laughter that might make us wet our pants we watch the big internet companies report on their “user” numbers.

Cover_Everything you need to know about publishing-alt crop

What you’ll learn in this installment:
  • Vanity metrics hurt & often kill dreams
  • Your paying attention to all the wrong things
  • Use this simple trick to see clearly
  • We all hate math, hence the dashboard
  • What they can’t or won’t tell you
  • Why all analysts are liars

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The latest innovation from the media

Source: The latest innovation from the media | CommitStrip


Yo Instagram! WYD?!?!?

Expect a more thorough analysis to follow, this made us laugh in the debate of Instagram’s new algorithmic timeline/feed. Currently we are enjoying the humorous reactions to the change. Not unlike previous ones, but funny because IG is the darling for everyone except us!
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It’s Pronounced “JIF” not “GIF”?!?

Says Who?

Long hotly debated amongst techies and other nerds, the pronunciation of the acronym ‘GIF’ – Graphics Interchange Format – was addressed by its inventor, Steve Wilhite, at the 2013

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Et Tu, Cosmo? No, we mean AGAIN.

Hair Tattoos = the next beauty trend you desperately need in your life:

Cosmo Tweet: Hair Tattoos equal next beauty trend desperately need in your life

What could possibly be wrong with this tweet? Twitter knows.

Another Day, Another bad tweet. Clowning Begins in 3, 2, 1…

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Today’s offender: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Offense: #CosmoHeadlines in 2011, 2013, 2014 & now again it seems they can’t help tweeting the wrong thing, composing a stupid headline, or making a comparison that will get the ire of everyone. Can’t find it, but as recently as last week they had another offensive tweet. Perhaps slightly longer. This is really a signal that whatever intern they have managing their globally recognized brand is making waves once more. Deleting & moving on is one way to deal with it, but remember screencaps are forever. Read More

Too little, too late

Red Lobster Fail: Cheddar Bey Biscuits

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Having a Rough Day?

if anyone is having a rough day I want you to remember I ate half this cup of ice cream before realizing the truth [pictures of doggie sundae]

Remember: #TBT

Best Buy Y2K Sticker

Well Played, Burger King

everyone keeps their crown at bk tweet steve harvey miss universe

In a galaxy Not So Far Away…

Star Wars: Force Awakens Scroll...Hello, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn...

Weekly Must+Reads

Short:Emojis  |  Medium: Digital Age Mental Health |  Long: Gawker+Women=Problem

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Weekly Must Reads

Short: Next Gen Mktg |  Medium: Twitter Removes Gifs |  Long: Big Data & Disaster Prep

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Looking For A Co-Founder?

crowdsourcing a founder poster on pole Pack it up, folks We're Done tweet.

What We Say  ≠ What We Mean

What We Say vs What We Mean Developer Humor

Source: Would just like to bring this back up… | Devhumor


Design vs User Experience meme

Design vs User Experience

Design vs User Experience meme

Anatomy of a Hangover

#Infographic Anatomy of a Hangover

New Yorker’s Idea of the United States of America

Map: A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America (1939)

Infographic: Periodic Table of Typefaces

Periodic Table of Typefaces


Popular, Influential, & Notorious

THE OATMEAL: The state of the web [Spring 2012]

The State of the Web The Oatmeal Spring 2012
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Most popular infographics generalized

Yep, still amusing.

Source: Most popular infographics generalized | FlowingData


This is what happens when Facebook changes its layout

Source: This is what happens when Facebook changes its layout The Oatmeal