Are Brands Catfishing for Sales with Your Selfies?

Washington said her image has been used on multiple beauty and style online shopping sites, and she thinks they may all be affiliates of

Source: People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Wig Site’s Hilariously Bad Edit Of A Stolen Image | BuzzFeed News

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Those were the days:

The unlikely photo that kickstarted the social web

Although this photo of the Cernettes is commonly called “the first photograph uploaded to the internet” that’s not completely accurate. For starters, the internet existed before the web. And as the web was built for physicists to share data, that data often included scientific images. There were loads of images already on the web long before the Cernettes’ photograph made its way there. But the photo of the four women is the first non-technical picture uploaded to the web. The first picture that was simply a photo for fun, not work. “It was the photo that opened the web to life,” says Silvano.

It was the size of a stamp and took about one minute to load on your screen

Source: The unlikely photo that kickstarted the social web | BBC


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When Algorithms Go Bad

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Google Information Box for Hall of Faces

When You See What is Wrong: Share

Last night HBO premiered a teaser two months from its premier of Game of Thrones. It is entitled ‘Hall of Faces’ Teaser. So naturally wanting to remember what the name of the actual temple is we did a search.(Actual answer: House of Black & White) When the ‘Google Information box’ above showed up to the right of our search results we were shocked. Do you see what might be out of place there?

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