Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 

Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

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What a Mobile Website is Supposed to do


Diversity in Tech 2015 & 2014


From Amazon to Yahoo, we rank tech brands for diversity of employees by race and gender…(click image above or link below for interactive infographic)


Source: Diversity in Tech | Information is Beautiful


Are Brands Catfishing for Sales with Your Selfies?

Washington said her image has been used on multiple beauty and style online shopping sites, and she thinks they may all be affiliates of

Source: People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Wig Site’s Hilariously Bad Edit Of A Stolen Image | BuzzFeed News

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World’s Biggest Data Breaches Visualized

Bubble Map Infographic Largest Data Breaches

Can Someone Please Explain Humor to Amazon


Real Winners of the Olympics

dataviz olympic medals population

Find your parade and celebrate #Pride with your city. #PrideForEveryone

Find your parade and celebrate #Pride with your city. #PrideForEveryone

Source: Find your parade & celebrate Pride with your city. #PrideForEveryone


Please DON’T Delete This Tweet:

do you ever have a dream where your mouth is the hoop & the basketball boys are shooting all the good treats into it swish swish swish

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STOP IT: These do not work

this collection of around the web

Flachback Friday: Foolproof and Incapable of Error

HAL 9000 Advertisement faux vintage mock ad faux IBM logo

Delete.That.Tweet [GQ Version]

delete this tweet_but don't want to wade into politics

This is tasteless on so many levels, using Straight outta Compton face-swapped with politicos while invoking our sitting African-American President? So many wrongs.

Apparently they got carried away with all the momentum behind #DeleteYourAccount→

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Information Architecture [Infographic]

usbilla Information Architecture IA infographic different layouts UX UI

NodeXL #databythebay: Graph Details

The graph represents a network of 448 Twitter users whose recent tweets contained “databythebay”, or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets, taken from a data set limited to a maximum of 18,000 tweets. The network was obtained from Twitter on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 at 18:18 UTC.

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The Fundamental Concepts of Good UX

UX Fundamentals: The Concepts #Infographic

User Experience is an increasingly expansive discipline but the key concepts remain largely the same. These are some of the main things that contribute to the UX of your site and the things you need to consider when implementing a UX strategy.

(follow the link below to read each of these principles explained)

Source: The Fundamental Concepts of Good UX | Usabilla Blog


You Can Strategize (Infographic)

Check out these seven steps to better utilize digital tools to innovate in your company.

Source: 7 Ways Managers Can Strategize More Effectively in the Digital Age (Infographic)


The Atlas of Emotions

The Atlas of Emotions Eckman

The Atlas of Emotion is a tool to help people better understand what emotions are, how they are triggered and what their effects are, and how to become aware of emotions before acting on them. Read More

“We’re Going Digital”

What's the Big Campaign Idea? We'll Figure it out later. Marketoonist Tom Fishburne

Should campaigns be media-driven or idea-driven? Lately, it feels like the media tail is wagging the campaign dog. Many campaigns are built around a media platform, as if the media platform alone …

Source: “We’re Going Digital” cartoon | Marketoonist: Tom Fishburne


GOOD NEWS: Long-Form Readers like Mobile!

Long-Form Reading Shows Signs of Life in Our Mobile News World

One particular area of uncertainty has been the fate of long, in-depth news reports that have been a staple of the mainstream print media in its previous forms. These articles – enabled by the substantial space allotted them – allow consumers to engage with complex subjects in more detail and allow journalists to bring in more sources, consider more points of view, add historical context and cover events too complex to tell in limited words.

Source: Long-Form Reading Shows Signs of Life in Our Mobile News World | Pew Research Center

Old Navy Ad comes under attack

Old Navy Tweets sets off racist firestorm

So the seemingly harmless tweet above was trolled very hard and specifically. Causing us to note, but also finding it had longevity beyond just the day  it happened (a weekend, so went largely unnoticed or unreported upon) and today sees it trending again for being called out by Senator & former Presidential hopeful John McCain’s son.

Jack McCain fires back on Social Media:

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Color Psychology+Marketing: The Know-It-All Guide

Color theory and color psychology in marketing are something content marketers must understand. Color can hurt or hinder content marketing efforts.

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Infographic: Everything Flows Through Prince

Prince Infographic of his Career RIP #PrinceGoneTooSoon #RIPPrince #PrinceRIP #Prince)

We Will Return Shortly, Don’t Worry

As our clients know too well, we are not taking the news of Prince’s passing well. So please give us to next week to reply to any inquiries or resume our series. Until then, see the best brand response to this wold of grief:

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Data Processing System

Payroll Database System Retro Vintage

The On-Demand Economy Is Growing

New data shows a rapidly expanding consumer base.

Source: The On-Demand Economy Is Growing, and Not Just for the Young and Wealthy | HBR


The Customer and the 500 Error 

Source: The Customer and the 500 Error | CommitStrip


Content is king, but context is god

Every single tweet, every comment you leave, every post, every image you make becomes part of your brand. Period. Every time you post, you need to be laddering it back to your brand’s goals. Your core story needs to be consistent and your personality needs to be constant too. Doing this sets up a larger narrative, the broad context, for your content to succeed and have a clear message.

Source: Content is king, but context is god | TNW



Help us understand this:

like if true_what does this mean to post planner bad branding
+Commentary: How is this helpful to their brand? Why the watermark and seemingly simple humor? This confounds us from a “brand” that is simply an SaaS [Software as a Service] entity. This isn’t to say it is bad, but when brands act like people on Twitter, while people are acting like brands then we fall down into a rabbit hole like inception.

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The Evolution of Trolling

The internet has a problem, and that problem is people. Dramatic incidents of public harassment, abuse and threatening behaviour are never far from the news, and during recent years, public awareness of this unpleasantness has grown dramatically. With it has come an understanding of the harms done, not just by high-level threats and abusive behaviour but by a more insidious culture of dismissal, denigration and disrespect that surrounds them. Read More

Billion NYC Taxi+Uber Trips

1.1 Billion NYC Taxi and Uber Trips analyzed and visualized

An open-source exploration of the city’s neighborhoods, nightlife, airport traffic, and more, through the lens of publicly available taxi and Uber data.Images are clickable to open hi-res versions.

Source: 1.1 Billion NYC Taxi and Uber Trips analyzed and visualized | DataViz


Great Brands Don’t Just Happen Without a Fully Integrated Strategy

Branding-Process-Diagram Read More

New York City has more Uber cars than yellow taxis—14,000

Source: New York City has more Uber cars than yellow taxis—14,000 | Slate


Customer Journey Mapping

Many marketers were schooled in the marketing funnel. In the traditional funnel, consumers move lockstep in uniform sequential stages from awareness to purchase. The specific stages might vary, but…

Source: Customer Journey Mapping cartoon | Marketoonist 

Wish more sites did this:

Why your news site should be more readable for the visually impaired

Over eight million Americans have trouble with their vision. Here’s how newsrooms can (and should) design with them in mind.

Source: Why your news site should be more readable for the visually impaired | Nieman Journalism Lab


Must Algorithmic Feeds Become the Norm?

The question is: Do algorithmic feeds create a better user experience or do they enable social platforms to better serve advertisers?

When Instagram announced that it would be using an algorithm to order content, the decision was justified in part by the claim that users are missing out on 70 percent of the content they’re subscribed to; an algorithm could potentially show users more of what they follow. This provides a natural boost to advertisers, given how Instagram users engage with brands on the platform.

*empahsis ours

Source: Are Algorithmic Feeds Becoming the Norm on Social Media? | SocialTimes


Tell us in the comments your thoughts about Algorithmic vs Chonological:

Big Data + Business Intelligence = Big Intelligence?

Turning raw data into actionable insights has been the goal of many a business since the 1990s. Back then, ‘business intelligence’ was the buzzword, and since the tweenies and teenies it’s been ‘big data’. Now the two are combining (‘Big Intelligence’, maybe?) as the promise of big data is finally capable of delivering the business intelligence that companies have long dreamed about. Read More

Dispelling common held myths about blogging

What I Learned from Analyzing 1700 Blog Posts

by Ben Gregory

But wait a minute — does this prove that Tuesday or Thursday is the best day to post? Because what this actually shows us is that Tuesday is the most popular day to post (and by a narrow margin at that.) But is it the best? I’m glad you asked…


Answer: It seemingly depends on the company, but there do appear to be a number who publish their most successful posts on Tuesday. Now, whether or not that is because they too believe that Tuesday is the best day to publish and thus save their best posts for then I can’t say. But it won’t matter either way if it isn’t statistically significant.

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The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet according to TIME

Our second annual roundup of the most influential people online

30 most influential ppl online TIME
For our second annual roundup of the most influential people on the Internet, TIME sized up contenders by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. Here’s who made this year’s unranked list.

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The latest innovation from the media

Source: The latest innovation from the media | CommitStrip


Changes At Tumblr, Again

Tumblr brings back Replies, revamps Notes to encourage more conversations on its service

Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr this morning announced two changes to its service designed to encourage more conversations and increase engagement around posts and other content. The company is bringing back its Replies feature, removed several months ago, and it’s rolling out an updated Notes design that makes it easier for the community to follow the commentary around a post.

Source: Tumblr brings back Replies, revamps Notes to encourage more conversations on its service | TechCrunch


Yo Instagram! WYD?!?!?

Expect a more thorough analysis to follow, this made us laugh in the debate of Instagram’s new algorithmic timeline/feed. Currently we are enjoying the humorous reactions to the change. Not unlike previous ones, but funny because IG is the darling for everyone except us!
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2016 Social Media Users Statistics [Infographic]

Social Media Users Statistics for 2016 [Infographics] from Global Media Insight. Discover the number of active users, gender, top countries and more in different social media platforms.

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Clickbait, as mocked by…

14 Ridiculously Amazing Fight Moves From That Fight In NYC comic

Interruptive Advertising 

“People don’t want to be interrupted by advertising. They want to engage with it on their own terms, when they’re in consumer mode and thus in the proper mindset to listen to a brand’s messaging.” …

Source: Interruptive Advertising cartoon | Marketoonist

What Is the Real Cost of Social? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does being a Facebook fan of a brand mean anything? It turns out that it does. Fans spend more money on the brand’s that they are fans of than non-fans do.

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Fool Me Once. Naw, not again

Forbes Message after you hit continue but your adblocker is still on

Dear Forbes, we are not giving you another chance, we unblocked you (or actually paused Adblock) previously and the results were disastrous. You will not fool us into a second chance. “Lengthen Your Healthspan” and improve your site by not promising things like “ad-light” experiences. That is not L.E.A.N or a D.E.A.L.

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The Terrible Sea Lion

Source: Archive » #1062; The Terrible Sea Lion | Wondermark


The Dangers of Sharing Economy

Lessons from the Dark Side of Social Selling

What happens when your safety record, or commitment to it, is called into question over a tweet, status update or even a poor review on Yelp!? What are people saying about your brand that you might not even be aware of? Social listening is an essential tool in your arsenal, and Google Alerts has been useless for years and yet almost every person we talked to counts on this worthless feature. So what can we learn from these incidents?
Uber-Lyft text logos on black background

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Infographic: 9 Features You NEED On Mobile

Top 9 Features_Header infograhic (comp)

Top 9 Features Consumers Want On Mobile [Infographic]

When creating a mobile website you think of typography and decide not to experiment with font colors and types. You carefully select content that would engage and entertain. You even predict your vis…

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New Feature – Google Search

oscars_google feature in autofill search

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Interactive or Static Infographic?

Interactive vs Static Infographic: How to Decide what is best for you

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Facebook Reactions Emojis

Facebook Emoji Responses are Live

Well, the emoji response is here:

What are your thoughts? Have you used them?
Take the poll below

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Those were the days:

The unlikely photo that kickstarted the social web

Although this photo of the Cernettes is commonly called “the first photograph uploaded to the internet” that’s not completely accurate. For starters, the internet existed before the web. And as the web was built for physicists to share data, that data often included scientific images. There were loads of images already on the web long before the Cernettes’ photograph made its way there. But the photo of the four women is the first non-technical picture uploaded to the web. The first picture that was simply a photo for fun, not work. “It was the photo that opened the web to life,” says Silvano.

It was the size of a stamp and took about one minute to load on your screen

Source: The unlikely photo that kickstarted the social web | BBC


Notes from the War on AdBlockers

Wired Ad Blocking Pop Up

Here’s the thing about this situation, as soon as the first scroll on the page this took over the entire screen. Having read the ‘above the fold’ paragraph & half, and skipped the video. So you offer a “deal” at $1 per WEEK. Okay, that seems reasonable, even if not very tempting.  Read More

It’s Pronounced “JIF” not “GIF”?!?

Says Who?

Long hotly debated amongst techies and other nerds, the pronunciation of the acronym ‘GIF’ – Graphics Interchange Format – was addressed by its inventor, Steve Wilhite, at the 2013

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State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access

State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access, the second annual study by Facebook, takes a close look at the current state of global internet connectivity

Source: State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access | Facebook


photo from:

When Algorithms Go Bad

Filed Under: What were they thinking?

Google Information Box for Hall of Faces

When You See What is Wrong: Share

Last night HBO premiered a teaser two months from its premier of Game of Thrones. It is entitled ‘Hall of Faces’ Teaser. So naturally wanting to remember what the name of the actual temple is we did a search.(Actual answer: House of Black & White) When the ‘Google Information box’ above showed up to the right of our search results we were shocked. Do you see what might be out of place there?

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heartbeat of heartache_inforgraphic header

Customer Relationship Goals

Summary: A good friendship or romantic partnership takes work. The same goes for customer relationships. Today’s consumers are looking for brands with experiences that feel personalized and effortless and will last long beyond the transaction. Great customer service keeps your customer relationships strong. And it can keep the love (of your brand) alive.

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Think Before You Appropriate

Think Before You Appropriate PDF

Download “Think Before You Appropriate” A guide for creators & designers

Chipotle: Raincheck

You're In Luck Text "Raincheck" to 888-222 Chipotle Offer

Chipotle Raincheck Offer

Too little, too late

Red Lobster Fail: Cheddar Bey Biscuits

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9 Key Analytics for All Business Models

An exploration of 9 types of business actions, common tactics and the analytics data that supports them. Read More

Sexism in the Oxford Dictionary of English

Why does the Oxford Dictionary of English portray women as “rabid feminists” with mysterious “psyches” speaking in “shrill voices” who can…

Source: Sexism in the Oxford Dictionary of EnglishSpace + Anthropology — Medium 


Book Publishing Diversity?

Most Book Publishing Professionals are Straight White Women

Diversity in Publishing Infographic

The Diversity Baseline Survey includes feedback from 34 publishers and 8 review journals.


Source: Most Book Publishing Professionals Are Straight White Women | GalleyCat

How NGOs Use Technology Globally

The research also delved into generational online giving preferences for Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. While the results show that growing percentages of donors are “inspired to give by” social media, the reality for most nonprofits is that most of their online donors don’t give on social media, they donate directly on a website or respond to an email appeal.

Source: New Report Sheds Light on How NGOs WorldWide Use Technology | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog


Let the Sub Wars Begin

*shots fired*

subway_pappa johns_jersey mike tweet_subtweet

Jimmy John’s vs Subway vs Jersey Mike’s

Well, the Twitter war of words it seems.

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Twitter Logo on a black-grey field

What’s Wrong with Twitter and How to Fix it? 

Problem Two: Mess and Noise

One of the biggest, and rising, criticisms of Twitter is that the platform has become a haven for spam and junk, to the point of being useless as a news and information source. Spend any time on Twitter and you’ll see this; people who connect with you just so they can hit you with spam messages via DM; automated bots tweeting out the same, promotional messages over and over again; link-dropping that’s so repetitive it becomes totally meaningless. Check out the stream linked to any trending hashtag and you’ll see dozens of off-message, spam tweets with the associated hashtag tacked on, trying to hijack attention. It’s annoying, for sure, and a side-effect of the platform’s popularity, but can it be stopped or negated somehow?

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Look it Up

Oxford Dictionaries (@OxfordWords) in iOSx has the following usage examples which are the very definition of #EverydaySexism

Rabid Definition: usage example rabid feminist Oxford Dictionary's iOSxmisogynyShrill & Psyhe Defintion in iOSx Oxford Dictionary

See the full tweet & comments here.

‘My body is yours’ Illma Gore

Artist plans to tattoo herself all over with strangers’ names

Your signature on a work of art? Illma Gore will charge as little as $10 via crowdfunding sites to create an ‘absurd, beautiful’ artwork all over her skin, writes Aindrea Emelife


Source: ‘My bod is yours’: artist plans to tattoo herself all over with strangers’ names | The Guardian

Powerball Hoax: Social Media Trends

Man Claiming Win On Social Media Photoshopped Ticket

It’s been confirmed there are three lucky winners of the record-breaking $1.5 millionPowerball jackpot. This man, Erik Bragg, claims to be the one from Chino Hills, California. We’re pretty positive, however, that he is not. Read More

How-Not-To vs How-To Remember a Legend

Crocs’ tribute to David Bowie lasted less than an hour.

Crocs Shoes Tribute Tweet to David Bowie Goes Wrong

Crocs has bowed to teasing it received after posting a tweet in tribute to late music legend David Bowie, deleting the post less than one hour after publishing it.

[More appropriate Tributes at links below]

Source: Crocs bows to critics, deletes David Bowie tribute tweet | Marketing Magazine


Having a Rough Day?

if anyone is having a rough day I want you to remember I ate half this cup of ice cream before realizing the truth [pictures of doggie sundae]

Remember: #TBT

Best Buy Y2K Sticker

Well Played, Burger King

everyone keeps their crown at bk tweet steve harvey miss universe

Top 10 Mobile Apps for 2015

Top Smartphone Apps 2015 by Nielsen (Average Unique Users)

Source: New stats: Facebook leads mobile app race, but Google dominates top 10 for 2015GeekWire

Weekly Must+Reads

Short: Object Recogntion |  Medium: Buzzwords |  Long: Defense of Being Average

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In a galaxy Not So Far Away…

Star Wars: Force Awakens Scroll...Hello, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn...

Good Design vs Great Design

Good Design is making something memorable and meaningful quote gif

#YearOnTwitter | 2015

Instead of uploading to YouTube, they hosted it themselves keeping people unfortunately from embedding it, as with previous years. Click the picture above or the link below to watch the full video. With a rather horrible video player, etc… but below are some of the moments featured:



Source: #YearOnTwitter 2015 | Twitter


What or Who Killed The Infographic?

Today, you’d be lucky to find a cheap knockoff in a world dominated by crappy promotional infographics churned out for viral attention. Nicholas Felton, the data viz guru who once designed Facebook’s Timeline, now builds apps. Jer Thorp is as interested in reverse-engineering algorithms and data art as he is in producing pure data visualization. Even the infographics on the portfolio-sharing site Behance are on the downswing. “Infographic posting generally rose steadily from 2007 to 2012, where it peaked, and has begun to decline since then,” Sarah Rapp, Head of Behance Community Data & Insights, Adobe

Source: What Killed The Infographic? | Co.Design


Facebook now lets you chat with businesses via Messenger

Will You Use It, though?

An update to the Page Plug-in lets businesses add a message box and event information to their page.

The new messaging function does pretty much exactly what you expect. Customers can send messages directly from their Facebook inbox and they’ll show up via Facebook Messenger or the desktop chat interface.

+Commentary: While this is inline with the developments they’ve brought to the Facebook Business Pages of late, it seems almost a dangerous proposition for a micro-to-small business. While it will certainly afford greater accessibility, if you are a solo-entrepreneur and your phone is the way all your clients contact you, I’m not sure adding another layer by way of the Facebook Messenger will be effective. Read More



As a foundation for the future, we developed a unique brand identity that could evolve with each new offering. Custom letterforms, inspired by Russian constructivism, maintain their shape across the range, but the nature of the mark is free to adapt to match each new venture. A cohesive secondary language, “eatmor,” helps to tie the offerings together.

Contributed by Sarah Codraro of New York-based Pearlfisher.

Source: Morris | Identity Designed


Google Algorithm Updates: 2003 to 2015 [Infographic]


Source: Google Algorithm Updates – 2003 to 2015 [Infographic] | Social Media Today


Weekly Must+Reads

Short:Emojis  |  Medium: Digital Age Mental Health |  Long: Gawker+Women=Problem

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Twitter Moments: Paris Victims

Twitter Moments used for Paris Victims

Follow @ParisVictims for more or click the above picture to learn more in 1999

salon1999_throwback_flashback comp

Wonder what looked like in 1999? Nostalgic for the web’s beginnings? Take a look at this throwback/flashback to see a site that still holds up & looks greater today than half of the websites we visit!



Weekly Must+Reads

Short: Millennial Tech Survey |  Medium: IoT Wants |  Long: $70,000 Starting Salary

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U.S. Technology Device Ownership 2015 

The Pew Research Center surveys cover ownership of seven types of devices. The center studies them because their use often affects how people connect with each other, with information and with media. They also impact the way people spend their time. And each kind of device has its own attributes of how people use them and engage with the material they provide.

Source: U.S. Technology Device Ownership 2015 | Pew Research Center


Chicks Rule? [2012]

Source: Chicks Rule? | Information is Beautiful


Does sex still sell?

Yet a study published in 2015 found that sex takes up so much of our ‘limited attentional capacity’ that it impairs our ability to remember what’s being advertised. Not only does sex “not help” when it comes to selling stuff, it can have a detrimental effect on an advert’s overall effectiveness.Does Sex Still Sell?

Combine this with the outrage against Protein World’s ad campaign, an increasingly feminist culture, and the demise of lads’ mags and you could infer that sex as a device to sell is outmoded. Except it’s not that straightforward.

Source: Does sex still sell? | Canvas8

+Notes: Do expect a much lengthier analysis & commentary. This piece is chock full of great information, and ideas. Posting this because it really jumped out & drew me in. Feel free if you’ve read it to leave your comments below


Weekly Must Reads

Short: Next Gen Mktg |  Medium: Twitter Removes Gifs |  Long: Big Data & Disaster Prep

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What is Hadoop? [Infographic]

 All About Hadoop:

This Infographic Explains How it Works from DataViz

What is Hadoop? All About Hadoop Infographic

Originally posted on Udemy. It explains the concept, alternatives and career advice.

Source: What is Hadoop? Great Infographics Explains How it Works | DataViz


How To Start A Blog In Just 5 Steps 

Source: How To Start A Blog In Just 5 Steps [Infographic] Reginald Chan


Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map

every small biz_ummm really_not virtual ones

Google’s Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program is making it fast, easy, and free for every local business to get online. Close with your dog walker or dry cleaner? Learn how you can help get their business info online at the link below.

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Think About It:

Tom Goodwin Uber Alibaba Facebook Airbnb Sharing Economy Wetpaint

Uber: The world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.

Facebook: The world’s most popular media owner, creates no content.

Alibaba: The most valuable retailer, has no inventory.

AirBnB: The world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate.

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1939 Book on Graphs 

Willard Cope Brinton is credited as one of the pioneers of information visualization, and I just found out his 1939 book Graphic Presentation is available in its entirety at the Internet Archive. You can download it in various formats. The book was an update to his previous book from 25 years prior, Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts. It’s also at the Archive.

Source: Classic 1939 book on graphs in its entirety | FlowingData


APP User Churn

Report: 58% of App Users Become Inactive in First 30 Days

Using this data, Localytics identified what it calls the “critical hurdle” app users need to reach to suggest they have “seen value in [the] app” and can “be considered an active user”: three app sessions per month. However, even with three sessions in the first month, there’s still the potential users will churn if left unengaged. In response, Localytics has described the “3×3 rule” for creating loyal users.

Source: Report: 58% of App Users Become Inactive in First 30 Days | SocialTimes


Profiling Adblockers

chart takes a look at the profile of those who already deploy adblocking tools on their PCs or laptops.

[This] Chart takes a look at the profile of those who already deploy adblocking tools on their PCs or laptops.

Source: Profiling Adblockers | Global Web Index



YouTube New Feature Playlist Sidebar_official

Screencap by GLEAMsocial of new YouTube Sidebar Feature in seach

*Closes in a week from posting. Vote Early & Often.


Google Search Tips 

You do know how to google, but do you do it like a pro?

Source: Google Search Tips |D.A. Królak


Video Sales Funnel Infographic

Do you produce video to suit your customer’s needs? Video does not come in one-size-fits-all and it is critical to understand how to match your video with the right sales funnel stage.

Source: The mighty video sales funnel – Intro | Wipster


Looking For A Co-Founder?

crowdsourcing a founder poster on pole Pack it up, folks We're Done tweet.

Today’s Must Reads

Short: Watch+Earn App |  Medium: Web Ads Don’t Work |  Long: Fake Traffic Schemes

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A Website Designed

A Web Site Designed Infographic Timeline: Web design planning, including milestones, involvement, importance & timeline between both agency and clients

Brand Identity Process

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What We Say  ≠ What We Mean

What We Say vs What We Mean Developer Humor

Source: Would just like to bring this back up… | Devhumor


Death of Snackable Content

The Death of Snackable Content

Every other headline out there today promises to break topics down into bite-sized bits. “4 Ways to Be a Better Leader,” “8 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle,” “16 Abuses From the CIA Torture Report” — it seems as if no topic is too serious or nuanced to undergo “snackification.”

Like Cheetos and M&Ms, these articles lend themselves to mindless consumption. There is nothing wrong with them in moderation, but at some point, you start to crave something with more substance. Today’s readers want more than listicles and clickbait, and this is driving meaningful change across the digital publishing industry. Read More

Building a business is a tireless task, and technology should make that easier not complicate it. If you end up spending what limited energy you have on several different sites, posting several different things, and then interacting with a bunch of people who may or may not even be truly interested; what is the real cost? Chasing likes & comments on social media is a given, but how do you measure your return on that investment?

How do you work smarter and not harder?

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Your Site Sucks!

Your Graphic Design?

Big Data Myths and Facts

Big Data holds great promise for enterprises of all sizes. Read More

Design vs User Experience meme

Design vs User Experience

Design vs User Experience meme

How Web Design Works

The Problem with Websites

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